Will Lackey

Singer / Impersonator
Will is the founder and creator of the PRL production. Will is known not only for his vocals, but his over-the-top comedic escapades on stage! His most notable impersonations: Freddie Mercury, Steve Perry, Billy Idol, George Michael, Vince Neil

Devory Newsome

Singer / Impersonator
Devory brings unmatched energy and talent to the production. He is most noted for his precision dancing and singing with his Michael Jackson impersonation. Other impersonations include Prince, Bruno Mars, Vanilla (mocha) Ice

Jamie Bumgarner

Singer / Impersonator
Jamie has an incredible ability to get a crowd excited! He captures everyone's heart with his Bret Michaels impersonation singing "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" with his acoustic guitar! Other impersonations include AC/DC, David Lee Roth (Van Halen), Kid Rock

Eric Johnson

Bass Guitar
Eric is easily the most famous performer in PRL having been in the band "Shooting Star" for a number of years and was even on MTV when they still played music videos! He is by far the most versatile musician in the band!

Michael Henige

Lead Guitar
Michael is known as the Rain Man of guitar players for his incredible capability to reproduce famous guitar solos flawlessly! He's a world traveling musician with the most professional experience of all the PRL performers!

Patrick Cunningham

Patrick is not only a fantastic drummer, but he's also a great entertainer! He is known for his stick throwing to and from his band mates and crowd members without missing a beat! A world touring drummer for years with the band "Frontrunner", Patrick brings his power house drum skills to thrill everyone, every time!

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